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Mind-altering and terrorizing, CLASS A is set in modern-day New York City but the ultimate setting is another world in which our LGBTQ addicts, Jenny, Dan, and Brad enter when interacting with their drug. Focusing on three drugs, Coke, Heroin, and Crystal Meth. Each drug has its own landscape in which the addict enters and cannot escape until the drug leaves them. Heroin, being a vast black eternal comb, Coke, a stark, white, fast-moving space, and Crystal Meth, a red, steamy dungeon.

Cast: Krystal Joy Brown

    Pooya Mohseni

Joe Putignano

Cameron Moir

Writer: Cameron Moir

Director: Cameron Moir

Producer: Carolina Bradili

Director of Photography: Nicolás López

Editor: Mia Sorense

Color: Diego Cordero

Official Selection

Queer Kampala International Film Festival - 2019 - Uganda

Katra Film Series - 2019 - New York, US

Corvallis Queer Film Festival - 2019 - Oregon, US

The New Jersey Recovery Film Festival - 2019 - New Jersey, US

Licensed to VOD on 

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