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It’s true, if she can hear it, she can be it.
How She Made It™ is a career journey podcast that amplifies the accomplishments of women across the media industries. 
Listen to industry guests share their experiences (including the challenges) along their path to a successful career. 
Guests pay it forward with priceless media industry insider stories and mentoring advice to boost your career and life goals.
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Nicolás López currently is one of the
Senior Producers of How She Made It, as well as the
Director of Content Development & Production at Media x Women.
Media x Women is an organization dedicated to nurturing a community of like-minded media professionals to serve as a network and resource for women on the rise.
Media x Women amplifies the positive impact of media made by women, inspires and informs future female media leaders about career possibilities, and awakes media organizations to the impressive potential of female talent.
Recently, Media x Women announce an official partnership with
FIPP—Connecting Global Media, in an effort to amplify the impact female talent
in media & organizations have around the world.  
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