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Code 12






Could ancient megalithic structures, spiritual texts from every culture, and quantum physics hold the key to unraveling the nature of the universe? In this groundbreaking documentary, investigative journalist Melissa Tittl uncovers a startling new discovery that has never been revealed: a secret code that mathematically supports the simulation hypothesis laid out by scientists all over the world. 

Executive Producer / Director/Writer: Melissa Tittl

Production Manager: Nicolas Lopez

Executive Assistant: Holly Tumbarello

Producer: Lucien Knotter

Director of Photography: Dillon Mortensen

Senior Editor: Blair Kuster

Online Editor: Todd Lewis

Audio Mixing: James (Jim) Boardman

Graphics: Matt O'Connor

Official Selection:

Illuminate Film Festival 2024 — California, US

Toronto International Women Film Festival 2024 — Toronto, Canada​

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