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Marilyn, an introverted young woman, is obsessed with Nathan Laske, the lead singer of a rock band. On the way home from a show she meets her idol on the street. She starts a dangerous relationship with the singer and allows her fantasies to run wild. ​

Main Cast: Jordan Monaghan
            Cameron Moir

Writter: Catherine Delaloye

Director: Catherine Delaloye

Producer: Mariana Trevino

Director of Photography: Nicolás López

Original Score: Daniele Panza

Color: Diego Cordero

Official Selection:

Romford Film Festival - 2019 - Romford, UK

Rome Independent Prisma Awards - 2019 - Rome, Italy

Culver City Film Festival - 2018 - California, US

Katra Film Series - 2019 - New York, US

VOD licensed to Amazon Prime

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