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The award-winning documentary, InSight, sheds light on the stunning extra-sensory abilities manifest in children who practice a groundbreaking meditation technique taught at a holistic medical center in Bogotá, Colombia.


Santiago Aviles teaches Extra Ocular Vision (EOV) which creates new synaptic connections and re-wires the brain. It enables individuals to enhance their creative output, foster mindfulness, and become more empathic and compassionate.

Producer & Director: Nicolás López

Director of Photography: Nicolás López

B Cam Op: Valentina Granja

Editor: Ashley Priessnitz

Assistant Editor: Miwa Sakulrat

Color: Max Roberts

Sound Designer: Brenda Salazar

Music: Juan Guillermo Vasquez

Motion Graphics: Mateo Ramirez


Vimeo Staff Pick 2017

Certificate of Recognition — Broadway International Film Festival 2017 — Los Angeles, US

Certificate of Recognition — State of California Senate 2017 — Los Angeles, US

Best Documentary — Dusty Film Festival 2017 — New York, US


Best Documentary — Be Epic London International Film Festiva 2018 — London, UK

Official Selection:

DOC NYC 2017 — New York, US

Durango Independent Film Festival  2017 — New York, US

Broadway International Film Festival 2017 — California, US

San Diego International Kids' Film Festival 2017 — San Diego, US

Be Epic London International Film Festiva 2018 — London, UK

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