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For the first time in history, an in-depth study has been performed that allows science to define what happens when we meditate. 

Following the same protocols for pharmaceutical studies, scientists from the University of California San Diego were able to extract data from thousands of people all over the world, using a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat as their testing grounds. 

This documentary follows the work of Dr. Joe and reveals never-before-seen data on how meditation shapes everything from our mind to the tiniest cell molecules in our body. Come along on a journey to see how science has proven how powerful we are as humans through thought alone. 

Heal, expand, and be inspired by the potential of humanity in this groundbreaking documentary. 


Executive Producer: Melissa Tittl

Executive Producer: Sheila K

Director / Writer: Melissa Tittl

Producer: Lucien Knotter

Production Manager: Nicolas Lopez

Production Coordinator: Holly Tumbarello

Director of Photography: Kieran Murphy

B Camera Operator: Philip Ruesch

Senior Editor: Blair Kuster

Color: Brian Sheehan

Audio Mixing: James Boardman

Graphics: Cuadra Productions 

Official Selection:

Illuminate Film Festival 2024 — California, US

Toronto International Women Film Festival 2024 — Toronto, Canada​

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