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This Boy's Vida - PRODUCER

Inspired by true events, this retelling of an American tale is the coming of age story of Little Joe, a Latinx boy who must choose to save his family or follow a dream.


Along the way, he must learn from his Future self how to stay alive amidst the violence and poverty-stricken underbelly of America and fight for a dream he never knew he could live for.

Director: Joseph Castillo-Midyette

  Adrienne Lovette

Executive Producer: Gisella Chipe

                                   Nicolás López

Producer: Heidi-Marie Ferren

            Adrienne Lovette

Director of Photography: Nicolás López

Editor: Justin Schultz

Music & Sound: Andrew Markus

Color: Diego Cordero

Casting: Elaine Del Valle


HollyWeb Festival 2019 — California, US

Official Selection:

HBO New York Latino Film Festival  2019 — New York, US

HBO/NHMC Official Latino Short Film Festival 2019 — New York, US

OMNI TV Fest NATPE 2019 — Calofornia, US

Stareable Fest 2020 — New York, US

Ville Film Fest 2019 — Somerville, US

FILM-COM 2019 — Califonia, US

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